Brampton Manor Academy

Brampton Manor Academy

Success through effort and determination
Executive Principal
Dr Dayo Olukoshi OBE


Our Sixth Form is extremely well resourced, housed in a brand—new, air conditioned centre complete with excellent teaching, study and common room facilities.  The centre is for the exclusive use of the sixth form and is enhanced by bistro dining facilities in the common room and by the external sixth form garden area complete with picnic tables and recreation equipment. 

The school has superb outdoor sporting facilities with extensive playing fields, a floodlit astroturf pitch, cricket nets, tennis courts, athletics facilities, a climbing wall  and table tennis tables. 

Sixth formers enjoy privileged access to many of these areas. You will of course also have access to our  outstanding indoor facilities such as our fitness centre, media suite,  theatre, studios, workshops and laboratories.

Private Study

In the Sixth Form you will have timetabled, supervised private study sessions and it is vital that these are used well. Effective study outside of lessons is essential for success at A Level. You will be expected to work on your own initiative for much of your time and to make use of the facilities available to you.  Our study centre provides everything that you need in order to support your learning in all A Level subjects. In addition to a large number of computers there is a wide range of essential books and periodicals to support each course.