Brampton Manor Academy

Brampton Manor Academy

Success through effort and determination
Executive Principal
Dr Dayo Olukoshi OBE


We are grateful to parents for helping us maintain a high standard of dress. 

The Uniform consists of:

  1. Navy blue blazer with school logo
    • Navy blue trousers, tailored
    • Plain white shirt with collar
    • School tie
    • Plain navy blue skirt (knee length)
    • Plain navy blue Shalwar Kameez with school badge
    • Navy blue v necked jumper with school logo (optional)

Suitable style

  • Head coverings must be plain navy blue
  • Tights / socks must be plain navy blue, black or white
  • All other accessories must be plain navy blue or plain black 


  • Outer coats, hats or hoods must be plain black or navy blue and must not be worn inside the building at any time.


  • Jewellery should not be worn with the exception of a wristwatch and plain small studs for children with pierced ears. Only one stud is allowed to be worn on each ear. 
  • No other jewellery is permissible. If seen, forbidden items will be confiscated until the end of term.
  • Tattoos (temporary or permanent) or any form of body art or painting are not permitted


  • Shoes must be plain black and suitable for formal wear and can be polished. There must be no coloured stitching or laces. Trainers, plimsoles or any other leisure shoes are prohibited.

The PE Kit consists of:


  • Blue Brampton polo; not to be worn to other lessons.
  • Blue Brampton shorts.
  • Blue football socks.


  • Blue Brampton polo; not to be worn to other lessons.
  • Blue Brampton shorts or blue tracksuit bottoms.

 Additionally, pupils will need a Brampton Manor tracksuit top.