Brampton Manor Academy

Brampton Manor Academy

Success through effort and determination
Executive Principal
Dr Dayo Olukoshi OBE


At Brampton Manor we strongly believe that there is no ceiling on what our students' can achieve.  The outstanding results of our students progressing to Oxbridge is testament of the impressive skills and qualities which serves our students well in competitive interviews. 

Fokhrul Hoque - Achieved: A*AA - Studying: Mathematics, University of Warwick 

"Brampton Manor Sixth Form allowed me to flourish and do far better in my A-Levels than I thought I was able to when I came here.  The amount of support received regardless of its kind here is endless."

Hope Oloye - Achieved: A*A*A - Studying: Biological Sciences, University of Oxford 

"Without the teachers at Brampton I wouldn't have even applied to Oxford, they gave me both the support and confidence I needed to do the course of my dreams!"

Jasmeet Kundi - Achieved: A*AA - Studying: Medicine, University of Southampton

"I definitely wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for Brampton always encouraging me to dream big!  I can guarantee no other sixth form supports their students to the extent that Brampton does, hence why coming to Brampton remains one of the best decisions of my life ."

Nilufa Ahmed - Achieved: A*A*A* - Studying: Geography, University of Cambridge

"I am immensely grateful for all the help and support Brampton has given me.  The teachers here are so hard working, approachable and genuinely care for your future.  They are always there to offer guidance both academic and non academic and truly want the best for every pupil."

Umme-Hani Rahman - Achieved: A*A*A - Studying: Law, London School of Economics and Political Science 

"During these two years, Brampton has provided me with the opportunity to prosper in my education.  Not only that, I have been able to try new activities such as canoeing and sailing through recreation time."

Meron Esere - Achieved: A*A*A - Studying: Medicine, University of Oxford  

"The sixth form is a great place to be!  Brampton offers everything you could want out of a sixth form and more:  excellent teaching and facilities, a broad range of extracurricular opportunities, top class support with university applications and most importantly a great sense of community driven by the shared desire to do well.  I loved my time there ."